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After all the wait and large promotions, Suriya’s twenty four has finally hit the screens these days, 24 Full Movie HD Download. Let’s see whether or not it lives up to its expectations or not.


Shiva Kumara(Suriya) could be a soul WHO invents a time-traveling watch. Seeing the numerous profits that this watch will generate, Shiva’s brother, Athreya(Suriya) goes all out and kills Shiva Kumar and his wife(Nitha Menen).24 Full Movie HD Download.

Name:  24
Language: Tamil
Directors: Vikram K Kumar
Writers: Vikram K Kumar
Stars: Naresh Aj, Samantha, Suriya
Released: 12 Feb 2016

But as luck would have it, Shiva Kumar somehow safe guards the watch and his very little son and hands him over to Saranya. Twenty-five years pass, and Athreya once more comes probing for the watch that is currently with Mani(Suriya), son of Shiva Kumar.
During this method, Mani involves comprehend the facility of the watch and therefore the evil intentions of Athreya. the remainder of the story is, however, Mani manages to avoid wasting the watch and faces the dire Athreya.

Plus Points:

One will simply say that films like these don’t come back fairly often. you’re certain to appreciate the thought method behind Vikram Kumar’s execution of the entire project. obtaining a thought like this and narrating the film in such a comprehensive manner is not any joke. Right from the start, he engrosses you with ample thrills and entertains you success.

24 Official Trailer

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqXE_es_I3M]

24’ wouldn’t are doable while not Suriya. Easily, twenty-four is that the best film in his career and therefore the means he performs his triple role is simply impressive. 24 Full Movie HD Download, Suriya bowls you over along with his screen presence and baleful negative role. The means he has showcased variations all told his characters is definitely warrant all awards. You can also download Remo full tamil movie.

The first 0.5 associate hour is nail biting and simply holds you onto the seats. the assembly values, tricks and VFX were done elevates the film success. Samantha is apt in her role and her chemistry with Suriya is tight. Also, the means climax is formed and dead wants appreciation. the assorted thrills showcased that includes the watch and its time travel is much too smart.

Minus Points:

One of the most important drawbacks is amazing, A R Rahman’s music. Sadly, none of the songs registers one bit and that they act as Brobdingnagian speed breakers within the narrative. solely grace was the thumping background score that is sort of smart. Also, there area unit sure logics that the common audience may realise it a little powerful to grasp and follow.

Even though the love track between Samantha and Suriya appearance loveable throughout the primary 0.5, its gets on to your nerves throughout the second. The film wants serious trimming in these components mutually gets a feel that these scenes disturb the intense and attention-grabbing narrative of the proceedings. You can also Pokkiri Raja full movie.

Technical Aspects:

Camera work and art direction want special mention. The means the time travel, VFX work and everyone the sets are designed is simply marvellous and is one in every of the simplest within the recent times. Dialogues area unit smart and therefore the Telugu soundtrack done appearance excellent. Twenty-four is made in production values as each frame is handled rigorously. particularly the graphics done on the watch look convincing and presumptive.

Coming to the director Vikram Kumar, with this film he can sure as shooting be a part of the league of prime administrators in the Asian nation. The means he has written the film, dead it and showcased Suriya in numerous roles in spectacular. The attention-grabbing storyline, sci-fi angle and therefore the emotions, Vikram Kumar gets you hooked success.


24 is definitely one in every of the foremost technically good films that have to begin within the recent past. Suriya’s enthralling triple role, racy thrills and fascinating thought can impress you success. This film can take Suriya’s high status to the highest level and proves that whenever he will one thing totally different, it’s certain to attract everybody. Finally, if you retain your expectations in restraint and bear the death lustre love track, twenty-four can entertain you fully. So it is right time tpo download 24 telegu full movie.

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