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Calcutta, Dec seventeen, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/authorship Creations) A lower class family, a redundant lamp working man World Health Organization can hardly provide his family with the clean minimums, associate elder brother World Health Organization surprisingly disappears whereas not a trace, a younger brother World Health Organization despicable turns into a follower (alcohol/marijuana/drugs – take your pick!) as presently as he clears his Madhyamik (middle school exams), associate unmated (hardly educated) sister betrayed by her white-livered young man on grounds of social associate degree economic variations – outcome – the sister (Pakhi) chooses the profession of associate escort variant|to avoid wasting} lots of her family from the serious state of affairs.

BHORER PAKHI Full Movie Download

Why couldn’t the lady incline the opposite profession but that of associate escort? Is it merely to pull the crowds and spice the film up? If this was the intention then it couldn’t ar done worse, or need to we have a tendency to ar speech communication, better!

Director: Tapan Dutta
Producer: Aparna Dutta
Music Director: Ashok Das
Story: Tapan Dutta
Screenplay: Tapan Dutta
Gaurinath Bandopadhyay
Dialogue: Tapan Dutta
Gaurinath Bandopadhyay
Cinematogr: apherShamik Talukdar
Editor: Moloy Banerjee
Art Director: Swapan Seal
Playback Singer: Abhijeet
Keya Acharya

cast: Amitava Bhattacharya, Sreelekha Mitra, Rajatava Dutta, Manoj Mitra, Monu Mukhopadhyay,Nimu, Debika Mukhopadhyay,Mrinal Mukherjee,Sumit Gangopadhyay,Shankar Chakraborty, Sangeeta Sanyal

Debutant writer-director Tapan Dutta has handled an awfully pertinent associate degree burning social issue in associate amateur fashion. Their unit of measurement still thousands of families in rural Asian nation United Nations agency struggle to make their ends meet and unit of measurement forced to the rejection of their daughters unable to assist with the care that they’re going to support the rest of the family.Premi O Premi Full Movie High Quality Download

BHORER PAKHI Full Movie Download

Priya Cinema in south Calcutta hosted the film’s premiere show inside the presence of lead actors Sreelekha Mitra and Rajatava Dutta at the aspect of members from the supporting cast Ravi Shankar Chakraborty, Premji et al. The attendees greeted the film with clips and acclamations, all told likelihood acknowledging the efforts of the start cast.

The anaglyph by child singers-turned-anchors-turned-actors Sangram and Debasmita was refreshing. Sreelekha and Rajatava, every noted for his or her acting skills, sadly had little or no probability to demonstrate their art. we have a tendency to tend to are not unaware of Sreelekha’s ability to powerfully portray a temperament like Pakhi – seen eight years past in Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Mondo Meyer Upadhyay. Tapan Dutta, however, left little or no probability for her to act, leave experiment or place in personal touches.

The director required to narrate the story of one night in associate passing agitated girl’s life. the foremost plot starts with Sreelekha, enjoying Pakhi here; egged on to reveal her past to her shop for the night, Rajatava (who we have a tendency to tend to return back to know later may air Pakhi’s father in law, had things gone the correct way). The introductory frames of the pic ar best-left-unsaid! The flashback frames ar all haywire inside the absence of carelessly written communication. the next preview to the script may ar potential if entirely the script may air clearer.

BHORER PAKHI Full Movie Download

Too many plots, subplots, mini plots and tiny mini plots (if there’s any such term) and an inconsistent narrative confuse the viewer. we have a tendency to ar ready to entirely offer the lead actors Rajatava Dutta and Sreelekha Hindu deity some credit for his or her noble endeavor in supporting a debut director.

The script, however, has nothing new offer but the presentation is recent that produces it worth a watch.
An age previous story of a woman from a troubled family falling into the wrong track. Pakhi (Sreelekha), is crazy with Ashim (Amitabh), World Health Organization is unable to travel against his father’s must marry her


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Paki’s house rent is due and she or he or he desperately tries to make every end meet. Pakhi takes the straightforward reply associate degree becomes an associate escort. The story of her life unfolds as she spends a night with associate author World Health Organization is all ears for the tragedy of her life.

BHORER PAKHI Full Movie Download

Sreelekha can justice to her a section of Pakhi. She is that the article of lust for men of all ages and tries her best to ward them off. The fight scene inside the film is a variety of further and Amitabh is unable to pull it off. For a superb actor like Rajatava, the director had precious little or no to make him do. He fails to be over merely a beholder to Pakhi’s story. However, Raju (Amlan), Pakhi’s brother very can justice to his bit. His anxiety for not having the flexibility to do and do one thing for his family, his desperation to go looking out employment and conjointly the sheer helplessness is well-portrayed. directors need to take care for this actor.

BHORER PAKHI Bangla Movie Official Trailer

The script, however, has nothing new offer but the presentation is modern that produces it value a watch. The growing trend of flavored massage parlors mushrooming inside the city and giving services of the other kind is explored by the film, but it’s air drained a plenty of intelligent suggests that. The film has no songs, which suggests that it dos not stretch on endlessly. The end comes with a twist, that’s variety of surprising for the audience.

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