Gunturodu Full Movie Download

Gunturodu Full Movie Download may be a typical masala film with Associate in Nursing adequate plot. it’s components which will please the genre fans. However, the script is simply too weak that director could not pull it off on the far side a degree. starting scenes within the moving picture square measure good and sets right mood for what follows.

Movie’s name :
Director: S.K. Satya
Writer: S.K. Satya
Stars: Pragya Jaiswal, Srinivasa Rao Kota, Manoj Kumar Manchu
Release date : March 03, 2017
Duration: 2 hours 17 minutes

Hero and villain’s confrontation scene is sweet, however director didn’t maintain the tempo subsequently. Mood gets pleased and things get diluted whenever the romance involves forefront. Slow moving playscript and therefore the lack of fine comedy makes it a uninteresting watch.

Gunturodu Full Movie Download is fairly endurable till the interval purpose, however it turns completely ridiculous post interval with immeasurable loud dialogues and ineffective scenes. we tend to expect the fight between Manoj and Sampath to be exciting as each square measure extremely egoistical characters. however what we tend to get to visualize is eighties reasonably treatment that produces U.S. search for the closest exit.

Gunturodu Full Movie Download

Nothing regarding Gunturodu Full Movie Download is price looking apart from Manoj’s sincere efforts to create it work. Sadly, the gifted actor has yet again picked up a wrong subject and therefore the director has let him down success. Gunturodu team are hoping that it might be lapped up by the plenty, however that looks unlikely.


Gunturodu Full Movie Download is Associate in Nursing action human regarding Associate in Nursing idle United Nations agency needs no matter he desires and United Nations agency is extremely aggressive in his mental attitude like all different guy within the society. His father needs some woman to induce him married to. A professional United Nations agency maintains a gang in Guntur is additionally Associate in Nursing aspiring MLA. Manoj can flip back on them to induce the love of his life. Watch the moving picture that is absolutely action packed. Manchu Manoj’s performance within the moving picture is that the highlight of the moving picture.

True to the title and tagline of the moving picture, Gunturodu Full Movie Download is a couple of hot headed guy named Kanna, from Guntur. His coddled upbringing has it’s impact on his temperament and this typically lands him in one issue or the opposite. However, at a ready-made turning purpose, a lady enters his life and what happens later is anyone’s guess. A routine story that has nothing abundant to supply, one wonders what regarding it excited the forged and therefore the crew.

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Once, Kanna(Manoj) gets into a large fight with a criminal professional known as Seshu(Sampath). whereas Associate in Nursing upset Seshu has thoughts of revenge, Kanna falls dotty with the lawyer’s solely sister Amrita (Pragya Jaiswal). He pursues her and eventually wins her heart and that is once our hero learns regarding her reference to Seshu. What next?

Gunturodu, with the exception of treading the regular formula Telugu moving picture path, will have a replacement angle – clash of 2 characters with similar attitudes. Manoj Manchu, along with his wonderful dialogue delivery and fights, manages to stay the audience interested. once a uninteresting and predictable half, the film picks up pace once interview and therefore the plot thickens towards the climax.

What the film lacks, primarily, may be a fascinating narration. The characterisation of the most roles, conjointly falls flat and by the tip of half, the story becomes terribly predictable . The moving picture conjointly lacks a powerful story line, and therefore the playscript is sort of jarring. The comedy track of the hero’s friends doesn’t click. apart from the primary song, sung by Vijay Yesudas, the music is additionally not price memory. The award winning actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao and Rao Ramesh square measure wasted within the moving picture. The ‘Kanche’ renowned heroine Pragya Jaiswal is restricted solely to dances and some non-performance oriented sequences.

The moving picture is created for the mass audience and heads up to people who cannot stand specific dialogues. Watch the moving picture if you’re a Manoj Manchu’s fan. For others, the moving picture may be unsatisfying.

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