Jackie Ek Shoorveer 2016 Hindi Dubbed Movie Full HD

Director: Ravi Babu
Writers: Ravi Babu, Gopalakrishna Paruchuri
Stars: Annapoorna, Bhanuchander, Sri Divya

Movie Plot: A young man relocates with his family to a place in Kerala because his father just got transferred there. They discover a world which was cut-off from the rest of civilisation, where law was meted out with a sword, and the ancient martial art of Kalaripayittu was the presiding deity. The young man falls in love with a native girl angering the locals, especially the Kalaripayittu champ who was madly in lust with her. The youngster is confronted with a predicament where he had to let go of the girl or win in a bout of Kalaripayittu with the champ to win the girls hand. Armed with very poor self esteem and zero knowledge of Kalaripayittu he challenges the champ to a duel.

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