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Khushi Full Movie Download


Woe to those annoying performances, those tawdrily annoying performances. Opposite to the saying that gifted actors will create a mediocre moving-picture show gratifying, Fardeen Khan associated Kareena Kapoor ar determined to make sure that their pitiful performances in bony Kapoor´s Khushi can ruin an otherwise tolerable 3 hours for the audience. Taking his semi-entertaining plot from the South Indian original Khushi, S.J. Suryah simply cannot get effective emoting from his lead actors, and we, the audience, ar left holding the short-end of the happy stick.

Director: Prakash
Writer: Prakash
Stars: Vijay Raghavendra, Tarun Chandra, Sindhu Menon

The booming baritone of Amitabh Bachchan starts off the Indian tale cherish Joy Augustine´s exuberant “Tere Mere Sapne” and you´ll be deceived into thinking this is often about to be one mighty blast going forward. We´re shown the births of Karan (Fardeen) and Khushi (Kareena) in 2 distinct components of Asian country, au fait that they´re soul-mates per the Lord´s masterful set up, and ar expected to attend for them to urge along years and years later.

Khushi Full Movie

Jump forward to the couple´s late teens, and that they meet as friends through a series of divine coincidences at metropolis University. drawback is that Khushi is abhor to trust the male species, and neither soul is up for simply admitting his/her true feelings for the opposite. and then ensues a 2 hour variety of fighting, bickering, jealousy and dreaming between the 2 apparent love birds?!?! What drives them along and apart is their tag-teaming to help one or two of faculty mate lovers get along against the needs of the made girl´s mafia pa. Ho hum!

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