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The story is all a few of journey, journey to go looking out-out the $64000 love of the life. Arifin Shuvoo and Nusrat Faria meet accidentally among the film but at the tip, they every discover that this accident has clad the foremost fantastic issue in their life.Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download

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Nusrat Faria plans on the move all the approach from London to the municipality to surprise her beau. However, because of weather conditions, her plane makes academic degree landing at metropolis airfield. but to travel from metropolis to municipality, she should bear Dhaka. Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download.

Director: Zakir Hossain Raju

Starring: Arefin Shuvo, Nusrat Faria, Amzad Hossain, Aman Reza

Run time: 144min

Release Date: 10th February

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sadly, there is a transport strike in Dacca on an analogous day and no driver is willing to need Nusrat Faria to Dhaka. academic degree evil driver takes advantage of this instance and tries to abduct Nusrat Faria with the pretense of taking her to Dhaka. Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download.

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With nice issue, she somehow manages to escape the clutches of that driver and takes shelter at a house in Rangamati. There she meets Arefin Shuvo and requests him to need her to metropolis at any price. they start their journey in associate extremely outline automobile that breaks down once a degree. but their journey continues. Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download.

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At one purpose, Arefin Shuvo falls for Nusrat Faria but decides to not say one thing to her as she is desperately waiting to satisfy her lover. He merely makes positive she reaches metropolis safely. And to go looking out what happens to him afterward, well, you will get to watch the image.Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download.


From the very initial scene, Arefin Shuvo captures the attention of the audience okay. He seems to be convalescing at acting with each motion picture he can. In every scene, from his dialogues to his costumes, he blends into the character fully. Nusrat Faria portrays the character of a girl checking out abroad okay. every her get on my feet and her technique of delivering the dialogues is very wise.

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The Bangladeshi industry terribly wishes lots of smart actresses like her. Overall, the picture is breathless to watch especially as a result of the enticing locations and excellent photography. This picture may well be a chief example of but the Bangladeshi industry is convalescing day by day. The plot of this picture is galvanized by Hollywood’s “Leap Year” Premi O Premi Full HD Movie Download.

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