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Right within the middle of all the anticipation, the story incorporates an engrossing gap, with a powerful introduction to hero and heroine right within the middle of an exhilarating shootout. Chandru meets Srila and is blown away by her beauty. although she resists him within the starting, she eventually falls for him and also the 2 area unit an ideal made-for-each-other couple. Circumstances force Chandru to go away to Tajikistan for work. however, he gets caught for the crime of getting carried medicine, that he does not commit and isn’t even tuned in to. He gets sentenced to the last word penalization of being headless. What he will prove his innocence and whether or not he manages to come home in the least is Yaan Full HD Download’ in an exceeding gist.

Stars:Arjunan Nandakumar, Bose Venkat, Thambi Ramayya, Thulasi Nair
Genres:Romance, Thriller
Country:India, South Indian
Language:Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Directors:Ravi K. Chandran
Released: 02 Oct 2014

To prove himself to his girlfriend Steele’s father, Chandru accepts employment in an exceedingly foreign country solely to induce captive there on arrival for carrying medicine. Facing a death sentence, will he clear his name and realize the one who landed him in such a predicament?

MOVIE REVIEW: Once a lensman decides to show a director, the one issue can|we are able to be assured of is that the film will look pretty. And Japan, the directorial debut of Ravi K Chandran, one in every of the best Indian cinematographers at the instant, is definitely a visible delight. Right from the gap frame, wherever we have a tendency to see a wizardly urban center skyline in the dark to the closing one in every of the leads stranded in the associate expansive desert, the photographs look stunning. The costumes of the actors to area unit finely color coordinated to travel with the locations. however despite all the colors on the screen, this is often such an uninteresting, flat film Yaan Full HD Download, disillusioned by the writing, that is idiotic and uninspiring. we have a tendency to solely get a whiff of what Ravi K Chandran is once — a fugitive-on-the-run adventure story with a Roja-like romance involving a lady attempting to save lots of her lover.

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The Yaan Full HD Download film begins with a gunfight wherever a most-wanted terrorist is shot dead and therefore the director uses this a few of scenes later to nicely stage a song capturing the hero, Chandru, falling infatuated (he rescues the heroine, Sreela, UN agency is caught in the shootout). however Chandru is associate degree aimless, irresponsible minor, however, this can be a giant no for Steele’s father (Nasser), a retired major, UN agency humiliates him. So, to prove himself, Chandru takes up employment in Basilica, a fictional Islamic state with powerful laws, however on his arrival, he’s detained for carrying medication. it’s at this moment that Ravi K Chandran needs to line up the film’s intermission then, the complete half has nothing, however, repetitive scenes of Chandru courting Sreela, that square measure neither funny nor romantic.

Unfortunately for U.S., the second solely makes the primary appear higher despite the particular plot kicking in barely here. we’ve to place up with like an amateur wrote jail sequences, associate degree unimaginative thanks to bringing the heroine into the plot (you keep curious why it’s to be her and not somebody higher qualified, like her dad’s cop friend Anwar, UN agency should attend Basilica to save lots of Chandru), mood-killing songs, and stunts stuffed with cliches (a bald man gets beat on his head with a bottle, and he dies by putting his head on a hook, a Bourne-inspired sequence wherever the hero should save the heroine from the villain’s henchmen through cobbled alleyways, and therefore the most ready-made of cliches — a villain UN agency is that the worst shot ever). As if too high all this, we have a tendency to even have Thambi Ramaiah and Karunakaran (who plays a thankless killing lamb here) taking drugs in Basilica of all places.

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All said, ‘Yaan Full HD Download ‘ could be a clean person, healthy for a family audience, except for simply a few of arduous action scenes. it’s actually well worth the watch, provided you are doing not expect to several fights or an excessive amount of mushy love it, and are not terribly acutely aware regarding the 3 hours it’ll consume.

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