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Director Gautam Menon, is synonymous with creating laborious striking cop flicks. Yentavaadu Gaani Full Movie Download, His latest cop drama leading Ajith has been dubbed into Telugu as Yentavaadu Gani. Let’s see however the film seems to be.


Satyadev(Ajith) may be a powerful cop WHO fears nobody. One fine day, a horrific felon named Victor(Arun Vijay) suddenly attacks Satyadev’s friend Chandramukhi(Anushka). Things get ugly and Chandramukhi is given significant police protection.

Name: Yentavaadu Gaani
Directors: Gautham Menon
Writers: Gautham Menon, Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Stars: Ajith Kumar, Anushka Shetty, Arun Vijay, Trisha Krishnan
Release date : May 22, 2015

Victor tries laborious to kill Chandramukhi, however, fails on every occasion. Yentavaadu Gaani Full Movie Download, this can be conjointly the time that Chandramukhi involves apprehend that Victor is Associate in the Nursing previous enemy of Satydev and shares a private feud with him and his married person Hemanika(Trisha).

Who is that this Victor? What doe he need to do with Satyadev and his family ? can Satyadev manage to avoid wasting Chandramukhi ? to grasp answers to all or any these queries, you would like to look at the film on the large screen.

Plus Points:

The major plus of the film is that the engrossing playscript. the complete credit ought to visit director Gautam Menon for showcasing such an easy story in an interesting manner. Ajith offers a prime notch performance as Satyadev. All his confrontation scenes with Arun Vijay ar excellent and lift the tempo of the film.

Yentavaadu Gaani Official Trailer


Arun Vijay is supreme in his negative role and offers his career best performance. The manner he confronts a robust actor like Ajith speaks volumes of his acting. Anushka suits dead in her role. The pre-climax and every one the chasing scenes is designed well.

The bond that’s showcased between Ajith and his girl is showcased well. The chemistry between Ajith and Trisha is crackle and their romantic track has wondrous moments. People also like Chuttalabbai telegu full movie.

Minus Points:

The film has its uninteresting moments. when an interesting begin, the film gets emotional and bogs down to a small degree. The pace of the film drops and playscript gets to a small degree foreseeable. Anushka’s track lacks clarity and will are handled well.

Yentavadu Gaani is 2 sweet-faced and shifts track all off an unforeseen. What starts off as Associate in Nursing revenge drama turns extremely emotional. The film gets quite serious when a short while and every one people who get regular diversion can be thwarted. Yentavaadu Gaani Full Movie Download.

The length of the film may be a small indefinite amount too long because the director goes into manner to several needless details and episodes. Their ar bound logics that go missing within the film.  People also like Brother of Bommali telegu full movie.

Technical Aspects:

Music was the largest plus for the Tamil version, however, is simply regarding ok once it involves Telugu. Background score is extremely sensible and lifts the film to a good level. Dialogues ar up to date and suit the mood of the film. redaction is below par as the variety of scenes might are simply altered bent on creating the film crisp.

Coming to the director Gautam Menon, he has taken an easy subject and narrated it with an engrossing playscript. The manner he has incised out powerful characters is pretty sensible.


On the total, Yentvadu Gaani is one more emotional cop drama from Gautam Menon. Ajith and Arun Vijay’s power packed performance and engrossing playscript ar major assets of this film. The film bangs track many times and may be a small indefinite amount too long. Aimed clearly at a niche audience, this film can move within the ‘A’ centres and is simply a 1-time look ahead to the remainder. So Yentavaadu Gaani Full Movie Download at now.

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